Windows use in medical spaces (Re: vintage computers in active use)

Maciej W. Rozycki macro at
Fri Jun 10 06:32:25 CDT 2016

On Fri, 10 Jun 2016, Dave Wade wrote:

> >  You can surely get a proper Linux support contract -- proper as in: if
> you
> > trigger a bug (which may be anything from a protocol violation, through a
> > security hole, to a crash) in the kernel or other core component, then you
> can
> > log it with your support provider's bug tracking system and get it fixed
> with an
> > update release of the offending component provided within an agreed
> > reasonable time frame, having live access to the bug status throughout the
> > cycle.
> You can but you will have to pay a subscription, and that will be expensive.
> You will also have to stick to a supported release such as Red Enterprise
> Hat.

 Of course, that's the kind of arrangement I had in mind.

> >  Now can you get it with Windows?  This is a serious question -- I've been
> asking
> > various IT people about it many times over the years, and only got evasive
> > answers (if any), but perhaps I asked the wrong people.
> > 
> There are several options. Basic support is provided in the base licence,
> i.e. you get the fixes. Some of the licencing options include additional
> support calls. If you are big enough you will have a Technical Account
> Manager (TAM) who will assist in managing these calls.  However, the bottom
> line is you can always raise a per-incident support call on supported
> software by ringing the support number and giving them a credit card. It
> used to be £200. I have done this thee times I the last 20 years. Twice its
> been a known problem and received a refund.

 Thanks, good to know.  Might be useful to adjust some people's attitude 
("you need to live with that") in the future. :)


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