Strange ICS on eBay

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Fri Jun 10 20:51:52 CDT 2016

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On 2016-Jun-10, at 6:24 PM, Brent Hilpert wrote:
> On 2016-Jun-10, at 6:19 PM, Ali wrote:
>> Just wondering if anyone knows what these chips are for/from/etc.
>> Interesting look to them. I would say EPROM but the magnifying window is weird...
>> -Ali
> Those are 4-digit 14-segment LED displays.

Siemens DL3416

Here you go:

Looks like they may have the decoder built into them.
And 16-segment as mike says.


Yup, that's what they are, similar to the DL1416s used in the AIM65 and elsewhere.

A little more intelligent than just decoders & drivers; send it a 2 bit address and a 7 bit character and it'll store and display it (them) until cleared or replaced, easily cascaded for longer length.


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