Accessing a TK50 or TK70 from RT

Jerry Weiss jsw at
Sat Jun 11 11:05:47 CDT 2016

> On Jun 11, 2016, at 10:14 AM, Jerome H. Fine <jhfinedp3k at> wrote:
> >Rod Smallwood wrote:
>> I have had some success in fixing a couple of TK tape drives.
>> They now load and unload every time you press the button.
>> SFSG now to talk to them from RT.
>> Using the diagnostics on the format (RX50) disk the Identify function shows the drive and by inference its controller.
>> However its calls it MUX.  I seem to remember under RT you needed to do a SET or ASSIGN to link it to the driver.
>> Anybody know the correct syntax  so I can init the tape and start to read and write files to and from it.
> I really don't understand the question.
> Whenever I used either the TK50 or the TK70 under RT-11,
> the device name was TU0: and no SET or ASSIGN was required
> unless the CSR and / or VECTOR needed to be modified - which
> never happened since the standard CSR / VECTOR was always OK.
> By the way, while the TK50 is mostly reasonable in WRITE mode
> and COPY operations, a COMPARE leaves a lot to be desired.
> The TK70 solves that problem.  If you must COMPARE with the
> TK50, COPY the files(s) to a scratch disk first.
> To initialize the tape for files:
> INIT  TU0:
> COPY  SY:*.SAV  TU0:
> I suggest you use the NOREWIND option between files if you
> are writing more than one file per command.  If you don't, you
> will quickly realize why that option is preferred.
> To initialize the take for a BACKUP:
> You can check the results with:
> DIR  TU0:
> Jerome Fine

Wouldn’t this be a TMSCP device and use the MU handler?

If you have RT11 V5.x try the following commands

.sho dev:mu 
Device    Status                   CSR     Vector(s)
------    ------                   ---     ————
  MU      Installed               174500   260
MU0: is set PORT =  0, UNIT =  0

.load mu:

.sh dev:mu

Device    Status                   CSR     Vector(s)
------    ------                   ---     ---------
  MU      122160                  174500   260
MU0: is set PORT =  0, UNIT =  0

Use  MU0: in the examples instead of TU0:  Jerome has above.


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