Data General Nova 3 and 6045 Drive Questions

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Aha! Now I remember. That Cassette I/O card is mostly unpopulated, and I think it's just installed for its serial port. I think 
Bruce had told me about that long ago, but my memories are as dusty as the Nova is at the moment.
Mark J. Blair, NF6X <nf6x at>

Just like Mark, it's about time to spend some time on my NOVA3.
I will be following this with interest!

I have very little knowledge of it, Bruce is a great guy. Thanks again Bruce!
Even identifying the hardware was only possible with Bruce's help ...
My system has a 6070 disk drive, also a non-removable disk combined
with a removable cartridge. And when I got the system it also had a
model 6031 single 8" floppy drive. Later I was very lucky to pick up a
6025 tape drive (with tension arms, not vacuum columns). I even got the
controller board. I am still searching for the interconnection cable that
goes from the backplane to the circuit board attached to the tape drive.

Were all bulbs on the front panel of your NOVA intact Mark?
Or did/do you also have dead lamps?  Know of a source where to buy them?

- Henk, PA8PDP

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