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Sun Jun 12 22:19:12 CDT 2016

> On Jun 12, 2016, at 20:02, jwsmobile <jws at> wrote:
> Is there a linker included in his toolchain?  That is where you need to look.  If it is designed to run for an OS, or with an smart loader, it will take in object modules and emit them with relocatable addressing resolution still required.
> There should be some linker control to do placement like you wish to have it do, which would be absolute binary with the loader directives other than object addresses and text gone.

There's no linker in the toolchain. There is an object dumper utility that the author suggested I look at. I'm presently hacking that relocatable binary dumper into an absolute binary converter, with the ability to prepend the auto program loader bootstrap, and the constraint that it only supports absolute code. I think that should be sufficient for my current purpose, which is writing short and simple test programs which I can then bootstrap over the TTI channel. Adding proper linking capabilities may be a good thing in the future.

Anyway, I've pulled out my hacks of the assembler itself, since the object dumper is an easier place to splice in the absolute binary conversion.

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