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Mark J. Blair nf6x at
Mon Jun 13 02:17:59 CDT 2016

> On Jun 12, 2016, at 20:19, Toby Thain <toby at> wrote:
> It's pretty easy to hack up a tool to do that much, I think. There is an RB parsing utility in the source code.

I've modified that RB parser to output AB, for inputs that do not require any relocation. Testing was very minimal... I managed to use Program Load to bootstrap the little test program I shared yesterday in my 6045 drive thread after assembling it with Toby's dga, then converting it to a self-loading, self-executing image with the modified parser. I simply set the switches to 000010 (the TTI channel), hit PROGRAM LOAD, then sent the image with a terminal emulator. After the image transferred, the drive clunked as it did a full-stroke seek. I then halted the program and used the console to verify that the program got loaded as intended.

Now, I can use this to write additional test programs to debug my disk drive! For example, I'll probably write one that polls the DONE flag after a seek to see if the I/O status flags are working despite status register reads returning zero.

It's early work, and likely to be buggy, but here's my fork:

Mark J. Blair, NF6X <nf6x at>

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