VCFed auction updates

Mon Jun 13 14:03:41 CDT 2016

should have  kept the good  signed stuff
and  sold  the  lesser  stuff perhaps?
unless you had  them sign a stack of them.
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cctalk at writes:

> One  thing I did want to ask was, there was some debate about an original
>  signed Apple. I couldn't make out if there was or was an announcement or 
if it  did or
> did not get sold.

The auction has four days  remaining:

We're also  auctioning a signed  Sol-20:

Both machines are  super-clean, fully working, and autographed by their 
respective inventors  (Woz/Felsenstein).

All proceeds go to VCFed which is a  non-profit.

> Also what had northern California go to do with  it?

Nothing. :)  Someone asked, in a wishful thinking moment, if  the 
announcement is about a new VCFestival in southern California. I  replied 
it's not and that northern Calif. is a good place to visit for VCF  West 
this summer.

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