DEC Legacy 2016 15/16 Oct 2016 - Registration now open

Lawrence Woodman lorrywoodman at
Tue Jun 14 06:07:06 CDT 2016

On 14/06/16 11:27, Aaron Jackson wrote:
> The website is good. The only problem is how far away Windemere is from
> almost everywhere in the UK... I think I might be able to justify this
> though... It looks very interesting though.

The UK is more than just England.  Windermere is roughly equidistant 
from Land's end (439 miles) in the South
  and John O'Groats (446 miles) in the North.  Though I have to admit it 
is too far for me at half those distances.

I hope the event goes well as it is quite unique in the UK.


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