DL11 M7800

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 10:35:56 CDT 2016

OK.  I must be missing something here

Does anyone have a M7800 (DL11) set for 9600 b N71 or N81 jumper'd with the
default address for use as a serial terminal interface?  I understand the
other jumpers on the card, but the address and vector jumpers confuse me.
I can't seem to find a table or a "here is the default for console" or I
don't get it. I have the manual, I want I believe 777560, but I cannot find
"table 5-2" referred to in my copy of the manual.  Can someone give me a
couple of examples "if you have Ax Ay Az connected then that represents
address ------- .

I am looking at the manual and web sites on the subject and I think for use
as a simple serial terminal interface I need to jumper "in" *A9, A7, A5,
A4, A3* ... correct?  Vector jumpers *V6, V7 "*in" .  Just curious if
anyone can help me specifically not indirectly what I need, super thanks in


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