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> Its obvious that the systemd thing is a very controversial one, but I
> see the move as just one of the "trying to keep up with the other
> players in the field, i.e. launchd in OS X or svc services in
> Solaris/Solaris distro's.

Just because other people make a mistake is no excuse for another
person making it.  (The argument, of course, is over whether systemd
_is_ a mistake.  My current opinion is that it is; while this is based
on second-hand information only, unless the second-hand information
turns out to be outright lies I am unlikely to change my mind.)

As for everyone who disliked systemd already having bailed, see Devuan.

> I find it funny people are fighting for the Sys V rc scripts.   I
> remember how much they were hated when Sun rolled out Solaris 2.x and
> everyone wanted the BSD rc/rc.local/rc.xxxxx scripts back, because
> the Sys V system was too complicated.

Just because X is better than Y doesn't mean that Z isn't worse yet.
(Here, X is BSD /etc/rc, Y is SysV-style rc scripts, and Z is systemd.
All in suitable people's opinions, of course.)

>>> and BSD is better on servers.
>> *Ridiculously* contentious.  [...] Linux [is] the dominant server
>> platform of the WWW.

"servers" != "the WWW".  Not by a long shot.

>>> That's one thing I liked about IRIX. It's still a true UNIX
>>> variant, not "based on UNIX".

So are Linux and BSD, right up until you start caring about the _legal_
definition of UNIX, which is why they call themselves as "based on
UNIX" or "UNIX-like" or the like.  But (IMO, of course) the legal sense
is the only one in which they aren't UNIX.

> I'm a big *BSD fan myself.  There is a lot of great work that get
> accomplished under the *BSD umbrella, that never seems to get proper
> attention.

The BSDs just sit there and work, for the most part.  The major thing I
see them lacking is a PR department.

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