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> >> Check the cable, if it's not the one you used with the other
> >> serial port card.
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> > The original cable, p/n is a 1700004-1 flat cable with Berg connectors on
> > either end so I had to find something compatible with a terminal instead.
> > I switched in the same BC03L-10 that I have been using to connect to a
> > 25-pin terminal (with null modem adapter) using a newer DL11-W. (M7856).
> Does your cable connect E to M?
> http://www.classiccmp.org/pipermail/cctech/2015-November/012531.html
> -ethan

Good question.  Yes I believe so.  Thanks for the link with useful
conversation.  A year or two ago I made a cable back before I found this
nice DEC branded version so I went through the pin assignment fun then.

Update:  I now have both a working DL11-W (M7856) and an DL11 (M7800) who
connect to my terminal through the DEC cable with part number BC03L-10.  I
have loaded PDPGUI program so I can test things, etc.

Next - Get RT-11 running.  That's a whole other thread though.


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