How do they make Verilog code for unknown ICs?

ben bfranchuk at
Mon Jun 20 16:08:56 CDT 2016

On 6/20/2016 2:36 PM, Swift Griggs wrote:

> So far, it's been great. I'm just finishing up some of the analog stuff on
> that same site, and I've greedily skipped ahead a bit to digital. However,
> I'm just now getting to TTLs and gates. I have to actually write out
> examples or test things physically to really "get it". However, I'm just
> plodding along. I have a nice little mess happening on my workbench in the
> garage. I'm about to move on past just using simple capacitors, resistors,
> and diodes to using some ICs. It's a little intimidating, actually. I
> thought I could get to the point I'm at now in about two weeks. It
> actually took about five or six weeks (just for an analog refresher). I'm
> still a bit shaky on some of that stuff, too. It's hard to test/see
> everything. So, some things I just read about, shrug, and keep going.

But of course the real stuff is TOP SECRET, unless you PAY.

> -Swift

A good read on LSI in the late 1970's.


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