where to find DEC ECO's for KB11-A?

Mark J. Blair nf6x at nf6x.net
Wed Jun 22 09:46:44 CDT 2016

> On Jun 22, 2016, at 07:42, Al Kossow <aek at bitsavers.org> wrote:
> good a time as any to mention this..
> I bought a step and repeat fiche scanner a couple of months ago
> and am going to start scanning the thousands of sheet backlog I
> have, once I get all the fiche in one place and dedup it. ECO-LOGs
> are definitely in there (have several DEC PDP-xx 'blue boxes')

That's great news, Al! Thanks for doing this stuff. It's a great service to collectors and computer historians of the present and the future.

Mark J. Blair, NF6X <nf6x at nf6x.net>

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