HP Series-80 computers - PRM-85 board case? ... maybe!

jwsmobile jws at jwsss.com
Wed Jun 22 19:12:36 CDT 2016

I have access to an xyzprint Da Vinci Jr, which can't do very large 
files, but I'd be able to do PLA material with it.

the model my friend has doesn't do ABS.   BTW, I don't think because you 
3d print it that it is low cost.  If I am following the size of the 
part, the printing will be pretty lengthy unless you use a fast 
printer.  I'm not familiar with material cost quantity without the STL 
files I can't get any estimates on the time to print it.  Or if it will 
fit on this small printer.

I'm willing to borrow it, as both my buddy and I have been too lazy to 
spend the time to go the last mile to hook it up and make something, and 
try this if it fits.


On 6/20/2016 6:20 AM, Martin.Hepperle at dlr.de wrote:
> Hi,
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> So I designed a replica case for 3D printing, but did not yet try it out.
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> Regards,
> Martin
> Martin {.} Hepperle {at} mh-aerotools {dot} de

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