VR241 Stray Wire

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Sat Jun 25 11:21:20 CDT 2016

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> > You can see the wire in question at the bottom of the picture below,
> > it is the green wire with a single-pin connector on it, and the size
> > link connector is the two-pronged connector just below it in the photo:
> >
> > https://1drv.ms/i/s!AlQc3lJwQx7bgbAJQx-HsvGY8Gcqsg
> >
> > Anyone know where this wire should go?
> I believe you have 'my' schematic of the VR241. I think this wire is shown
> sheet 2 of the scan board diagram, (page
> 7 of the .pdf file) just above C718. It's on the daughterboard that
carries the
> horizontal output transistor, and is fitted onto one of 2 pins on that
> labelled 'S' and 'L'. In one position it does nothing (so leaving it free
would do
> no harm provided it doesn't short to anything), in the other is
> C718.

Yes I have your schematic and I had looked to see if I could see the wire
but I had failed to spot it. Thanks for pointing it out. My worry was simply
that I had not noted where it connected, but it seems it wasn't connected in
the first place.



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