VT52 oscillator

Fritz Mueller fritzm at fritzm.org
Sun Jun 26 14:16:39 CDT 2016

It seems the clock oscillator chip (E1, 13.824 Mhz) on my VT52 is 
flaking out.  It has become very vibration sensitive.  I tried reflowing 
its solder connections, but it has not seemed to help much...

Anybody have a spare, or suggestions/advice for a replacement? There's 
certainly room enough in there to build and mount a small oscillator 
board if the old/original parts are too hard to find or are all 
similarly flaky with age at this point.  Looking around on the web, the 
symptoms of the resulting failure mode seem pretty common (no scan, but 
a slight tap on the right side of the chassis will sometime restore, 
though I suppose that could be many other things as well!)


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