StorageTek 2920 9-track manual or instructions wanted

Göran Axelsson axelsson at
Tue Jun 28 04:28:33 CDT 2016

Hi all,

I have a Norsk Data ND110324 9-track drive which is a rebranded 
StorageTek 2920 with SCSI interface. So far I have only found a single 
manual for it, a quick guide card of 10 pages.

Is there a manual out there which describes the unit a bit more in 
depth, like setting the SCSI address, diagnostic program codes, service, 
technical specifications and so on.

So far I have got it to load a tape automatically and detect the 
recording density. Next step is to get it to talk to a linux-computer 
for imaging some old tapes.

Thanks in advance,

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