Johnny Billquist bqt at softjar.se
Tue Jun 28 13:51:20 CDT 2016

Some people might have noticed that Mim.Update.UU.SE have not been 
reachable the last week. This is because the University have decided to 
put all systems behind firewalls, which hurt the Update computer club 
pretty bad.

For people who would still like to get access to Mim, I have now setup 
telnet to listen to a second port in addition to port 23. Mim is now 
accessible by telnet on port 10023 as well, which is not blocked by an 

In addition, I also added ftp on port 10021 in addition to port 21, so 
people who would like to get to files on Mim by ftp can do so again.

This also prompted me to make a couple of improvements to BQTCP/IP for 
RSX. The changes are that the telnet daemon can now be set to listen to 
an alternative port, and can also listen to several ports.
I also added the capability to the ftp client to specify which port to 
connect to.

The TCP/IP package can be found at ftp://mim.update.uu.se:10021/
However, if you have the previous version of TCP/IP for RSX, you cannot 
access this address, as the previous version ftp client did not accept a 
port argument. So it's a bit of a chicken and egg thing. But using some 
intermediate system, you can get the disk image to the machine, and 
install the new version, after which things will be possible to use more 
or less as before.

One more thing: NEMA, my very tiny EMACS clone for RSX, have gotten a 
lot of work done lately, and if anyone is interested in this tool, I 
really recommend that you fetch the latest version. A port to VMS is 
also included with the files now, courtesy of Erik Olufsen.

NEMA is available at ftp://nema@mim.update.uu.se:10021/


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