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> What is a techno-savvy student? Can classic computers possibly give an
> answer? I used early microcomputers in my electronics classroom I
> taught in the 70?s. Computers back then were rather primitive, not
> much better than calculators, but did mimic human learning ? well
[story cut]

I liked this story, reminded me of my education in the late 80's early
90's - I was the "computer go to guy" so instead of the shiny new PS/2's
the district had recently purchased they "stuck" me witth the 5150 in the
back that no one wanted to use.  The things I was able to make that thing
do with just two floppies.... :)

> So what is a techno-savvy student now: Conversant in using a
> technological gadget to enhance his/her life? Or being able to build a
> computing workstation in high school? Or for simply possessing a basic

Whenever this comes up in the context of today's youth (where they tell me
they'll take my job one day) I just have to laugh.  The vast majority (not
all, as that would be unfair, and I have met some younger than me folks
that know their stuff) of youth today know how to USE the device, but not
necessarily how to fix it if it breaks physically or logically (I'll leave
out that fixing of these tablets/phones/pads physically is usually a board
swap ....).

As Kirk said in Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan, "You have to learn WHY
things work on a starship."


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