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Sun Mar 6 08:27:12 CST 2016

 >On Saturday, March 5th, 2016 at 12:53:22 +0000, Robert Jarratt wrote:

>My ISP appears to have stopped updating the newsgroups it hosts.
>What news servers do people round here recommend?
I have a question about access to newsgroups.  Which currently available
browser is able to access a newsgroups server?  Currently, I am using
Netscape 7.2 under Windows 98SE.  If I upgrade to Windows 10,
I probably won't find anything from Microsoft which will support reasonable
access to newsgroups.  Is there a link to a site which has an 
application that
supports access to newsgroups in a manner similar to how Netscape 7.2
provides access.  BEST would be a browser that also supports access
to e-mail in the same manner as Netscape 7.2 and which also allows me
to copy all of the archived 100,000 e-mails and posts which I have
acquired over the last 15 years.  It is only about 300 MB, so the size
is not a factor.

I know someone will probably recall the same question a while ago, but
the answer given then was not sufficient to make the switch.  At least
a link to the site which has the files to be downloaded would be needed
since just the name of the application does not seem to help me.


When I registered 8 years ago, I received the following reply copied below.
There is no charge for the service.  I have found that about 99% of the 
which appear at eternal-september also appear at sunsite.  Mainly, I use 
to check that I am receiving all the posts which have been made to other 
in addition to having a second source just in case one of the servers 
has crashed
or disappears.

The e-mail to sign up was sent to:
news-signup at

The other e-mail address that I used to inquire about an acceptable 
which was not yet carried (alt.sys.pdp11 -  but is now) was:
staff at

The information should be sufficient to inquire and register.

Note that retention is short for some newsgroups, probably only a few 
days while
for others the retention can be over a year.  So checking the posts on 
at least a
daily basis is recommended until you determine the retention period.

Dear "e-mail address"

You have been registered at the usenet server.

To be able to read and post articles, you will have to tell your 
news client, that it must perform authentication. 

If you forget your username/password, then just register again.

There is no need to remove your registration - your registration
will be removed when it has not been used for 3 months.

More information can be found at:

Your username is: "e-mail address"
Your password is: "six character password"
Your newsserver is:

IMPORTANT: October 15th 2005 a new access policy was introduced, 
in order to make the main focus of the usenet service consistent 
with our remaining policy and focus. For further info please see  

Please remark, that the username and password is for your personal 
usage only!

Upon any abuse, your account will be terminated immediately.

Best regards, News Administrator
staff at


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