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Wed Mar 9 22:13:11 CST 2016

I need a 90 mm summacron  for my  m2   (drop me a line  off list if anyone 
has one)
Yes  I know   the 105  f 2.5 nikkor   you  speak  of great sharp portrait 
length lens   for the nikon  F!
we have a small 105 mm red dot Goertz  we used for  copy   work on 2   1/4  
   x   3  1/4   in compur shutter  
the one on the Robertson process camera I  used in the 70s   was   18 inch 
focal length as I  remember.
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healyzh at aracnet.com writes:

>  On Mar 9, 2016, at 5:25 PM, Fred Cisin <cisin at xenosoft.com>  wrote:
>>> posters!  The  lens was a Goerz Red  Dot  Artar and the  sharpest  flat 
field  lens
> On  Wed, 9 Mar 2016, Rod Smallwood wrote:
>>  Thanks,,
>>   Our cam was fitted with a high grade Ziess  lens that cost a fortune 
even then,
> Zeiss made a lot of  lenses, some of which were great.
> Goerz made a few of the greatest  lenses ever made.
> For personal use, I'm looking for Leitz  Summicron in all focal lengths, 
and Nikkor 105mm that was made in mid  1960s.
> And, if I can ever get a 4x5 digital back, I want a Goerz  Dagor.
> All out of my price range.

Personally I need a nice ASPH  28mm or 35mm Summicron.  I have the original 
Nikkon 35mm f/2, one of the  very first made, it’s been Ai’d, and it’s an 

The Goerz  Dagor’s are actually pretty cheap at the moment, I’ve been 
thinking about them  for my 8x10.  I’m using a mixture of modern lenses on my  

Somehow I don’t ever expect a digital 4x5 back to be  affordable.  I know 
one Photographer that has one, and it’s really only  useable for reproduction 
work, in the studio.  Keep in mind that digital  backs that can cover 4x5 
or larger are scanning backs.  Have you  considered adapting a scanner as 
one?  I’ve seen in the past where folks  have done that.  Personally except for 
one project, I shoot B&W film  when I’m shooting 4x5 or 8x10, I then 
process and print it myself.  For  the 8x10 (and hopefully eventually 11x14), I 
only shoot B&W, and only  contact  print.


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