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jwsmobile jws at jwsss.com
Thu Mar 10 18:43:41 CST 2016

On 3/10/2016 4:11 PM, Fred Cisin wrote:
>>> (Note: the only digital that can handle a D-mount is the Pentax-Q.  
>>> It claims to be the smallest interchangeable lens digital - I need 
>>> to get a letter writing campaign going to convince Minox to redo 
>>> their Minox-Leica as a screw-mount using C or D mount!)
> On Thu, 10 Mar 2016, Zane Healy wrote:
>> Okay, you’ve actually lost me on these. What is a D-mount?
> C-Mount is the standard mount for 16mm movie, and then for TV cameras.
> D-mount is the standard mount for 8mm movie.  About half the size as C.
Don't forget Photo-sonic or Fastair bayonet.  I've got about half a 
dozen of the cameras and many more of the lenses.  they go to 4mm fish 
eye out.  Amazing optics.

Also the Fastax and Locam lenses as well.  Fastax is the system which 
can do 40000 fps, and the Locam can do 2000 fps.  The Fastax takes 1000' 
reels and the Locam  take 100'.  The Hycam is a 1000' beast as well.

I have collected these but have never fired one in anger.  I'd have 
loved to have run the Hycam I have.  With the 1000' magazine, you get 
about three stripes on it because it takes about 1/3 of the length of 
the film to get to full speed.  The 40000fps is accomplished by moving 
the physical film @ 10000 fps speed, and they have a patented twirling 
mirror that shoots 4 1/4 frame images onto the moving film as the film 
flys by.

you get a pass at the end 1/3 of the reel, another pass on the middle 
1/3, and if you are motivated, you rewind the film and shoot again on 
the last 1/3.

Even with the fastest film you can locate, you have to have a huge 
amount of light on anything to make it show up on the faster speeds.

The Fastair was made by Wollensak for Lockheed Missile.

The Locam and Hycam were made by Redlake labs.  They are still around 
and make Photometrics / Redlake digital cameras.  They take C mount 
lenses (both the film and digital cameras) for the most part.

> The Minox-Leica M3 is a tiny pocket digital that only resembles the 
> appearance of a Leica M3.  But, if they were to make a digital IIIf, 
> they could have a functioning screw-mount, with interchangebale 
> lenses.  And take back their bragging rights from Pentax.
> BTW, Leitz made a C-mount 25mm lens version of the "Hektor-Rapid"
> "Super-8" hardly ever supported any interchangeable lenses.
> Well, one of the models of Leicina used Leica M-mount!  There was a 
> lens made for that camera; when used on a regular M, it only covers a 
> tiny spot of the frame.

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