OT: lenses (Was: Front Panels - PDP8 and PDP 11

Marco Gariboldi mgariboldi at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 21:16:22 CST 2016

2016-03-11 1:11 GMT+01:00 Fred Cisin <cisin at xenosoft.com>:

> C-Mount is the standard mount for 16mm movie, and then for TV cameras.

Mostly consumer/prosumer film (depending how far you go back) and, indeed,
TV cameras; high(er)-end cinema lenses usually had different mounts.

As people often remark: C mount lenses are a minefield.  Often you'll find
utter and complete junk, especially because it became a de facto 'CCTV
lens' mount (along with CS), but there are also some very good quality ones
out there.  But, beware, there's also the problem of variable sensor
coverage.  There are many C mount lenses that don't, for instance, cover a
1" sensor.  This is problematic for modern-day µ4/3 adaption and usage,
unless you don't mind a gigantic vignette...

 - MG

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