Motorola's Punched-Card Reader

Jason T silent700 at
Thu Mar 24 03:01:58 CDT 2016

I don't know their history as regards computing before the 1980s but
Motorola seems to have had a brief flirtation with data processing in
the form of their MDR-1000 mark-sense and punched-card reader, a
brochure for which I scanned tonight:

The original had been damaged by mildew and staining, which I tried to
clean up a bit without sacrificing the graphics on the covers, but the
inside fared much better.  If you're like me, you'll enjoy some juicy
shots of telco datacomm equipment, too.

I know HP made a similar desktop device but I don't believe this is a
rebadge of any other company's product.  Or is it?

As always, feel free to add to your collections, etc.


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