Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed Mar 30 11:58:54 CDT 2016

They define "abandonware" as:
"In order for a piece of software to be abandonware, it must, as a general 
Be over 7 years old.
Be out of support by the manufacturer.
Be mostly out of use by the general populace (abandoned)"

So, if you are a software author, if you won't SUPPORT stuff that you did 
over 7 years ago, they believe that they have a right to distribute it?

Copyright law does NOT take ownership away from you, and permit others ot 
distribute it without compensation, based on refusal to continue to 
market or support your previous versions and products.
All this time, I thought that you had to be DEAD before they could take 
your work.

Q: To what extent are they making a "good faith" effort to contact the 
"prior" (actually current) owners of the intellectual property rights?

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