ben bfranchuk at
Wed Mar 30 12:33:19 CDT 2016

On 3/30/2016 10:58 AM, Fred Cisin wrote:
> They define "abandonware" as:
> "In order for a piece of software to be abandonware, it must, as a
> general guideline:
> Be over 7 years old.
> Be out of support by the manufacturer.
> Be mostly out of use by the general populace (abandoned)"
> So, if you are a software author, if you won't SUPPORT stuff that you
> did over 7 years ago, they believe that they have a right to distribute it?
> Copyright law does NOT take ownership away from you, and permit others
> ot distribute it without compensation, based on refusal to continue to
> market or support your previous versions and products.
> All this time, I thought that you had to be DEAD before they could take
> your work.

Dead ... That is Easy in the USA.
Software can be re-written, now hardware DOC's are the problem.
I pirate books because the places that sell or print or loan
books believe anything after 3 years with computers is totally useless.
FPGA's after 2 years are to be scrapped. Spent the last few days
looking for a Oberon FPGA board,only 1 supplier has product.

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