DIMM Failures

Robert Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Sun May 1 14:45:22 CDT 2016

To be able to use my parallel port programmer I keep an old (by modern
standards) machine running with Windows XP on it. It is an Abit KV-85
motherboard for AMD processors. In recent times I have had a couple of DIMMs
fail on me.


I am not sure if this is just coincidence, that I have had a couple of bad
DIMMs, or if the motherboard is damaging the DIMMs.


It uses a cheap generic PSU, I checked the PSU for voltage and ripple and it
seemed OK, I also checked voltage and ripple on some of the power pins of
the working DIMM, they seemed OK too (ripple about +/- 20mV), but other than
that, are there any other things I should check?





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