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Sun May 1 15:06:27 CDT 2016

> On May 1, 2016, at 3:44 PM, Mattis Lind <mattislind at> wrote:
> Yet another nice DEC sales brochure from early seventies.
> This time DEC education MINI-RSTS-11. It mention PDP-11/21-CA!

Interesting.  I never heard of Mini-RSTS before.  Looks like a marketing hack; it's basically just a standard RSTS-11 system, a close to minimal configuration.  All they had to do is slap a name of it and print a new piece of paper, and presto, the appearance of a new product.

On the other hand, "Micro-RSTS", which appeared much later, is a different item; it involved some (fairly modest) changes in the software and its packaging and installation procedures).


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