UNIBUS/QBUS interface chips Was: Re: MEM11 update

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon May 2 08:48:11 CDT 2016

    > From: Pete Lancashire

    > Do you or someone have a list of all the Unibus bus chips ?

I have seen the following bus interface chips used on DEC UNIBUS boards:


8881 - Sprague, Signetics - Quad NAND


380 - Signetics - Quad NOR
314 - Signetics - 7-input NOR
8815 - Signetics - 4-input NOR
8837 - National Semi - Hex receiver (aka Signetics N8T37)
8640 - National Semi - Quad NOR


8641 - National Semi - Quad transceiver

The actal complete part number can vary depending on the manufacturer; e.g.
the 8641's are usually DS8641N, from NatSemi, and the 380's are usually
SP380A's or SP380N's. Where the basic number is not included (as with the
8T37 for the 8837) I have given it.

The following chips have been used by DEC to interface to the QBUS, and
I have seen many of the above chips (e.g. 8641's) used there too, so I
think chips seen on one bus could be used on the other:


7439 - Various - Quad NAND


2908 - AMD - Quad latching transceiver with tri-state output

I _believe_ the following chips are also usable as UNIBUS/QBUS interface
chips, but I'm not sure if I've seen one used there:


8836 - National Semi - Quad NOR
8838 - National Semi - Quad transceiver (aka Signetics N8T38)

Quite a zoo!


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