PDP-8/e sales brochure

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon May 2 10:26:02 CDT 2016

    > From: Pontus Pihlgren

    > I wonder what the three leftmost cabinets contains. I don't recall what
    > peripherals have the blinkenlights at the top. RK05 and TU10
    > controllers perhaps?

I have a half-done page with images of all the 5-1/4 inch indicator panels
(PDP-8, -11, -15); so I can identify the indicator panel on the right (above
to the two DECTape drives), which is a TC08 DECTape controller (I have a large
picture of one of those, for the page, and that's definitely it), which makes
sense, given it's in the same cabinet as the DECTape drives.

The other one, I have no idea - anyone?

I'm pretty sure it's not an RK08. The RK08, like the RK11-C, was wired for an
indicator panel, but like the TM08, it only used two rows of lights. (I've
never seen an image of one: this is deduced from reading the engineering

The partial page is here:


if anyone is interested. Good images of the missing 5-1/4" indicator panels
(which also include the RF11 and FP15, as well as the mythical RK11, which may
not exist) gratefully accepted!


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