Ideas for running a VB4 application on modern hardware?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon May 2 22:24:41 CDT 2016

On 05/02/2016 07:51 PM, Robert Johnson wrote:
> While I can’t however speak to the vagaries of VB4 specifically, I’m
> reasonably certain (having run 16-bit only software on windows 7 and
> 8) that ll 32-bit versions of windows continue to support
> NTVDM/16-bit applications. With windows 8 you have to install the
> subsystem (its not installed by default) but it does work.

That's the rub--I believe that Mark said that he was using Win 10
64-bit.  The hardware's not there to run 16-bit code natively in 64 bit

WINE is probably pretty good, or DOSBox, or VirtualBox--something that
can emulate/translate the 16-bit code to something that 64 bit Windows
can run.


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