Titlers, Switchers, Paintboxes, Paint Apps and Old Broadcast Equipment

Dale H. Cook radiotest at juno.com
Tue May 3 11:59:34 CDT 2016

At 11:56 AM 5/3/2016, Swift Griggs wrote:

>The Quantel Paintbox:
>Superpaint running on a DG Nova 800
>The Bosch FGS 4000

Add to those the Avid/1 non-linear editor from Avid Technology, introduced in 1989, which ran on a Mac II using some specialized hardware. It rapidly became the leading video editing system for television and film (which, of course, had to be digitized). It eventually displaced almost all celluloid cutting.

After NT4 was introduced Avid introduced Avid Studio for that OS, the first Windows OS that Avid considered stable enough for one of its edit suites. AFAIK everything before that was for Mac. They also built video playout systems for TV master control rooms that were Mac based. Perhaps Avid's best known product is Pro Tools, which they acquired when they bought Digidesign in 1994.

The small TV station that I worked for used Video Toaster before we bought Avid Studio. The latter made a huge difference in editing ability, FX range and quality, and rendering time.

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