Ideas for running a VB4 application on modern hardware?

Mike Whalen mikew at
Tue May 3 12:16:15 CDT 2016

Something I didn’t say explicitly that has caused some confusion is the

We are an ESX 5.5 environment. None of our servers are physical, save for
the ESX server. Also, when I said “bare-metal” earlier, what I really meant
was that the remote site runs ESX and will bring up our VMs. The specific
software/tech we’re using for backups is Dell AppAssure with replication
and virtual machine exports.

So, when I say that I may need to spool up a VM to run this software, I
really mean another VM inside ESX.

Or I may put Virtual Box w/ XP or Windows 98 on the 2012 VM. Or something
similar. Ultimately it’s going to depend on how much they need this
program. It may be simpler and neater for them to transfer the data to
something else.

I forget who it was, but someone suggested hex editing the executable. I
don’t know about doing that exactly, but I did finally resolve a question
that has been lingering in my mind for quite some time…

The location of the databases the program accesses is hard-coded in the
executable. Wheee!  :-)

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