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Wed May 4 20:21:18 CDT 2016

>> There are services like where you can get a
>> DNS entry for dynamically changing IP addresses.  This way you can
>> run a BBS without having to buy a business class account.
> Yeah... unless I am behind a NAT - and I believe I am behind at least
> two, of which at least one is out of my control, hence no making
> holes (or tunnels).

Sure you can tunnel; you just have to initiate the tunnel connection
from the inside.  I too have a host (at work) that's behind double NAT;
it initiates and maintains a tunnel connection to an external host, and
voila! my external hosts can reach the internal host.  Not as good as
native connectivity, but it works "well enough".  (Yes, work knows
about it.  They don't mind.)

Of course, this needs a friendly host on the outside.  In my case, I
find that cost well worth paying....

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