AW: When did Memory- and IO Protection Emerge (Esp. in Minis)?

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Thu May 5 01:34:20 CDT 2016

> Well, I don't know.  By the time the Cyber 18 came out, it was a 120 VAC
> powered unit that a strongish person could lift off the floor (about 90
> lbs)--and functionally pretty much the same machine as the original
> 1700, just implemented with more advanced technology.

1774 was from about 1967, and basically a six foot rack.
1784 was from about 1974, and about the same volume as a PDP-8/e.

I think the Wiki article may be wrong about the date of the original
1700 systems (1704) being mid-1966. That seems late. When I get back
home, I might look at the chunks I have to see if I can get date

> If that's not a minicomputer, I don't know what is.

Wasn't minicomputer really a marketing term, anyway? Suits and all?


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