Rolm Computers: 1602, 1602A, 1602B, 1666, MSExx (was Data General Nova Star Trek)

Erik Baigar erik at
Thu May 5 10:48:09 CDT 2016

On Thu, 5 May 2016, Paul Koning wrote:


> displays, i.e., ones with analog video) that drastically reduces the 
> emissions from the video signal.  It was created by Markus Kuhn and Ross 
> Anderson at U. Cambridge. 

Quite interesting, but I believe that nowadays this is a
smaller problem than the omnipresent internet connection
and the huge amount of black-box software with even more
backdoors, security-holes and calling-home features which
all are claimed to be there just to make software better and
help the customer. OK, this thread is drifting away from the
vintage computing field  ;-)

Thanks for the link!

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