Interfacing with HP-HIL

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Thu May 5 20:47:01 CDT 2016

> HP-HIL uses what *should* be a pretty basic serial protocol with available d$

I haven't, but my own tendency would be to build a UART from a clock
generator (divided down) and some shift registers for the hardware side
of it, then add some logic for the host interface - I might use a
115200 serial port or I might use a parallel port, I'm not sure.

I would not mess with things like Arduinos.  I would prefer a bunch of
TTL for multiple reasons: (1) because I already have it; (2) because I
understand it better and thus can build and repair it better; (3) it is
likely to be better in a bunch of respects - faster, lower power, maybe
even cheaper, etc.

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