Facit 4070 to PC interface

Tom Watson tsw-cc at johana.com
Thu May 5 21:40:27 CDT 2016

Request for information about a Facit 4070.

Yes, it can be hooked up to a parallel port interface.  It takes a single 74LS00 chip to generate the proper signals, and the ACK signals.  I did it in a simple jumper wire block (it has a male and female connector along with a jumper field.

At the moment I have lost my documentation, but I have a working unit ready to be dissected to produce the proper diagram (it may take a while).  I have connected it to a "real" and a USB parallel port and used direct writes to the parallel port device under Linux with no modification.

Also if you are interested, I have a program that sends out block letters to be punched on the tape (along with leader).  The letters are 5x7 and the 8th is the descender for lower case letters.

The various docs for the 4070 are on Bitsavers, and you want to be sure that the "option" board just has jumpers on it (as it comes from the factory).

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