Interfacing with HP-HIL

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Fri May 6 08:39:11 CDT 2016

>> faster, lower power, maybe even cheaper, etc.
> TTL could never claim "lower power" :-)

If there's little enough of it it can!  (Not strictly TTL, but much the
same technology - I once built a timer with a 555 and some discretes
and cut the power draw by about an order of magnitude as compared to a
small CPU - Arduino or the like - doing the same job.)

Would it be lower power in this case?  I don't know; I haven't built,
nor even designed in detail, either version of the circuit.

And, come to think of it, while not strictly TTL, there are
TTL-compatible CMOS families, like 74HCT and 74ALS, that almost
certainly would be lower-power.  While they aren't classic tech, the
question asked about using modern tech to interface to classic HP-HIL,
so they may be admissible here.

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