Pics of a FASTRAND and other fun things.

Pontus Pihlgren pontus at Update.UU.SE
Fri May 6 08:50:39 CDT 2016


I follow a facebook group of Swedes mainly interrested in micros of the 
80:ies. While that is fun in it's own right I recently decided to ask 
what "heavy iron", if any, the members might possess.

I was pleasantly surprised of what surfaced. I though that some of you 
might also enjoy this, so here is the pick of the litter (reproduced 
with permission).

A GE/PAC 4060 Drum memory, from person A:

Univac artefacts, from person B:

The following is the teletype that I believe must come from a UNIVAC 418 
or 1106 console desk. It looks like a model 28. Can anyone confirm?

DIAB racks from person C, probably only interesting for Swedish unix 
buffs. DIAB machines are somewhat uncommon and the rack versions even 
more so.

Have a nice weekend,

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