HP breakup... Website & ftp being trashed ... save what you can

Swift Griggs swiftgriggs at gmail.com
Fri May 6 12:13:38 CDT 2016

On Fri, 6 May 2016, Jason Scott wrote:
> For general noting, we did a drop-dead backup of FTP.HP.COM in 2013 as 
> part of a recognition that FTP sites were mostly being set adrift and 
> were often unique sources of material.

Right on! Thanks for that. 

> https://archive.org/details/ftp-ftp.hp.com_ftp1  (2013 Backup)
> https://archive.org/details/ftp-ftp.hp.com_pub-2013-10 (Alternate Backup)

Killer. You guys have some great stuff there (looking at all the other 

I know there are some out there (siliconbunny comes to mind) but did you 
folks happen to mirror reality.sgi.com by chance?


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