Pics of a FASTRAND and other fun things.

Brent Hilpert hilpert at
Fri May 6 12:31:35 CDT 2016

On 2016-May-06, at 8:50 AM, Jon Elson wrote:
> On 05/06/2016 08:50 AM, Pontus Pihlgren wrote:
>> The following is the teletype that I believe must come from a UNIVAC 418
>> or 1106 console desk. It looks like a model 28. Can anyone confirm?
> The printer frame in the back looks VERY much like a Teletype model 19.  The keyboard in front is reminiscent of a model 15/19 keyboard, but has 4 rows, so it can't be from a 5-bit teletype.

The model 19 (also 15) printer is a type-basket design (akin to a typewriter).
The pictured unit uses a type-box printhead like that of the model 28, but given the
4-row keyboard and the application, Cory likely has it right as a model 35 printer.
I think you'd have to see the decoding mechanics on the right side of the printer to confirm 35 vs. 28.

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