PDP-11/05 microcode dump?

steven at malikoff.com steven at malikoff.com
Fri May 6 16:36:10 CDT 2016

Mattis wrote
>      In the schematic I have which is the same as the one at bitsavers:
> http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/pdf/dec/pdp11/1105/1105_RevAH_Engineering_Drawings_Jul76.pdf
> E102 / A04A2, E112 / A10A2, E103 / A20A2 and E114 / A11A2.
> Are there plenty of different versions of PCB and microcode??
> /Mattis

When I recovered the Foxboro Fox 2 and waterlogged 11/05 on my recent road trip, I was lucky to
find an original 11/05 print set dated 1973. For what it's worth, the microcode listing in my doc
is Revision B and it is *exactly* the same printout as in the the Bitsavers doc Revision C except
it is more legible and has fewer splotches and spots on it. The only other difference I can see
is the Rev C listing has the 'digital' logo added to the page edges.

By the way the above pdf is missing a page that is in my set, namely to do with the 5-1/4" height
power supply (H726-B) pictures, as well as some other pages of the chassis, possibly more but I
haven't gone through it that closely.


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