Interfacing with HP-HIL

Jon Elson elson at
Sat May 7 16:03:21 CDT 2016

On 05/07/2016 03:46 PM, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 05/07/2016 12:05 PM, Jon Elson wrote:
>> The Xilinx 9500 series of CPLDs are not low-power, by any means.
>> They have a formula in the data sheet and a power calculator program,
>> that are both WRONG!  They underestimate power by a factor of 3!!  I
>> reported this to them, and they said I was right, but they were not
>> going to fix the documentation!  Sheesh!
> I don't believe that Xilinx has produced the 9500 series for at least a
> couple of years.
Oh, yes, definitely discontinued.  There is stock of either 
NOS or counterfeit parts available from China.
But, if you REALLY need a 5V-powered CPLD, there are only a 
few choices.
> I believe that Atmel still makes some 5V CPLDs (ATF1500 seies).
I wonder for how long those will remain available.  The big 
problem is the foundries are shutting down those 5 V processes.


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