Beam-penetration color CRT, Tektronix DAS 912x (was Re: Nice LAB11 brochure.)

Paxton Hoag innfoclassics at
Sun May 8 14:11:40 CDT 2016

> I'm pleased to find that the 9129 passes self-test and the display
> works. Unfortunately I do not have any logic analyzer acquisition or
> pattern generator modules for it, so other than admiring the pretty
> display, it's only useful as a boat anchor.

Surplus Gizmos in Hillsboro Oregon recently had a bunch of Tek 9100
mainframes and parts recently. Last time I visited, a couple of weeks ago,
they had a bunch of Tek 500 and 5000 frames and 2 shelfs of plugins.

No affiliation other than a very happy customer of theirs.

Paxton Hoag
Astoria, OR

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