VT101 screen adjustment

Adrian Graham witchy at binarydinosaurs.co.uk
Sun May 8 16:20:32 CDT 2016

Hi folks,

Picked up a couple of nice condition VT's today, a VT101 and VT131 though
only one DEC keyboard. 2 other keyboards were included which look identical
to DEC ones but have different keytops and obvious non-DEC cables though
they have the 6mm jack plug on the end. Need to dig into those.

Anyhoo, the VT101's screen is showing the stretch-at-top-compress-at-bottom
issue, is that adjustable using the troubleshooting guide in the technical
reference or am I looking at replacing some caps?

I also get character set glitches and it either doesn't register key presses
or registers too many, I know it's not the keyboard itself since I've tried
my 'DECbox' VT102 keyboard and it does the same. Not looked at the 5V rail
yet, that's a job for tomorrow...


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