CDC 9429 Floppy maintenance manual

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun May 8 16:23:48 CDT 2016

On 05/08/2016 02:02 PM, Paul Berger wrote:

> Are you sure about the SA-400 being used in 5150s?  All the ones I
> ever saw where Tandon TM-100s which look very much like them and I
> saw lots as a support person in an IBM lab in the early 80s.  They
> have the same sort of motor setup to turn the diskette, but use a
> different head positioner.   The TM-100s used a stepper with a taut
> band positioner.

Quite.  I purchased my 64K 5150 from Computerland in San Jose (I
probably still have the receipt) and included an MDA, a floppy
controller, the SA-400, as well as PCDOS 1.1, MASM 1.0 and the techref.
 I didn't buy a monitor because I already had an OEM kit monitor that
was probably better than the 5151.  I later added a Quadram Quadboard
with 256KB of memory--and then moved to PCDOS 2.1 and worked out a
simple interface to a WD1000 controller with a Shugart SA-1000 hard
drive, giving me 4MB of real hard disk.

When I was on a floppy-only system, I added a Micropolis 1115-VI second
drive.  An odd beast with buffered seek.

So, yes, I'm quite sure.


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