VT101 screen adjustment

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>> 2. Make darn sure you discharge the tube before you work on it.
> I've seen it said that discharging with a very low resistance path -
> like a piece of wire - can damage things.  I don't know how much risk
> there really is, but I would tend do something like inserting a 100K or
> 1M resistor in the path to ground.  The capacitance of the tube is low
> enough that the time constant is pretty low even with a resistor that
> high.
> If I'm off base, I'm sure someone will correct me!

Not correct so much as to say what's in the official DEC docs for working on
these things where they show a line drawing of a standard screwdriver with a
ground wire attached. My own discharge tool is a big plastic handled flat
blade with ground wire and croc clip, long may it make me nervous when using

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