Memodyne M80 'Cassette Computer'

Brad unclefalter at
Mon May 9 17:59:45 CDT 2016

Hi guys,


I have a Memodyne M80 'Cassette Computer'.  From what I've gathered, it's
basically just a digital tape drive (it has about 5 boards in it, including
a Z80 board with an emprom marked '1200 baud', although from one sales doc
it looks like it could have been built out to be a 'general purpose' Z80
computer.  I've read these were used for a variety of purposes including
SWTPC terminals like mine.  


What I cannot find though is any actual instruction manuals, etc that
explain how to use it.  I did find one PDF online as part of a university
paper that described another Memodyne's system a little bit.


Wondering if anyone has any info out there.  It's a neat little box to look
at, anyway.


Many thanks, esp. to those like Chuck who were able to offer some useful
advice thus far on it! :)





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