Memodyne M80 Digital Cassette Recorder

Brad H bradhodge75 at
Tue May 10 00:10:11 CDT 2016

Yes thanks!  I was looking at that.  However, the model show there is
slightly different than mine.. mine doesn't have the keypad on the front.
It only has a power and reset key.  I assume as Chuck suggested to me
previously there is a way to pass commands via serial to get it to do
something.. but I've not found any info on what you need.

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On Mon, 9 May 2016, Brad H wrote:

> Hi there,
> I have a Memodyne M-80 Digital Cassette 'Computer' which, in talking 
> to people more experienced than me, seems to be just a digital 
> cassette recorder.  Googling around there seems to be very little info 
> out there, although one paper written about their use with scientific 
> equipment detailed some of the bits triggered to make the recorder 
> operate.  Mine has several cards including a Z80 CPU card and serial
> I was wondering if anyone out there was familiar with these and/or had 
> a manual? I read these were even used sometimes with SWTPC 
> terminals/computers, so I'd be interested to see if I can get it running.
> Thanks!!
> Brad

I found some interesting information about it in the Appendices of this
technical report:

Apparently the product was used in several documented data acquisition
applications over the course of the early '80s.



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